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#3.) Good Pace

We are learning as we go. The site is coming along nicely and is mostly functional. Our first order has been successfully executed and now we will work on actualizing some of the features of GoodPeoples Project that make us unique including the blog, rewards program and projects to work on.  Thanks, GPP

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#2). Progress

We are making significant strides on the layout and "feel" of the website and are working hard to increase the number of products offered. Also, an innovative first of its kind rewards program will be implemented to help users make the most of their time and money. Thanks, GPP

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#1.) One on one

GoodPeoples is revamping our website and working diligently to improve ease of use and functionality. Please be patient at this time as we are going through growing pains and comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you, GPP

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