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11.) Endings lead to new beginnings

We have reached the end of our dry trial run and are embarking towards our deployment phase. It's time to shed the dead weight that holds us down. We keep on to demonstrate that we have what it takes to succeed on our own terms. Today, the journey begins anew.  GP

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We are revamping website and selecting product lineup. Expect much improvement in the weeks to come.  

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#9.) Initiation

The past 2 years has been quite the learning curve. We have built from scratch and are entering a more active phase of growth of our website. Much more to come. Thank you for your continued support. 

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#8.) Name change

The name of the website has officially been changed to our legal name. GoodPeoples Inc will focus mostly on ecommerce. This will work to keep us afloat as GoodPeoples Project will be focused mostly on investing in up and coming start ups. These start ups will encompass both the for profit and nonprofit space. As the ecommerce portion becomes more complete, we will gradually automate and shift efforts on GoodPeoples Project. Thank you for your continued patience.  GoodPeoples 

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#7.) Product Listings

GoodPeoples is working on improving and adding to our product lineup. Due to some bulk sales, we will have to update and add to our overall line. Expect some good deals to come as we clear inventory to make room for new products in our lineup. GoodPeoples

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